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Showing posts from November, 2003

On the train

Just posting up my one to one study guide on Philippians - Joy in Life. Had a meeting today with the Reading guys and their mission speaker Krish Kandiah which was great. Then went to SIADCU in Farnham which is great group, ploughing through Romans together! On the train home I was reading Romans 9 - God's wonderful mercy.

Sandwiches with JT

Action packed month. Had a great time in Cardiff earlier this week. Shadowing the Staff Worker there and popping along to some events with Cardiff and Newport CUs. Got back to find my picture in the December edition of Evangelicals Now. Alongside a top article about UCCF by Lindsay Brown. The photo was taken at the Forum conference by David Smith. The others in it are Rach, Debs, Vicky, Phil, Dave and Lexi.


Top time in Southampton this week with the UCCF guys from the South East. Some quality practial ministry training, prayer time and an evening of fun doing Myers-Briggs tests. Turns out I'm an INTP... so there you go! Bit of fun but also useful to help us think about the way we're different and made that way by God. Reading Q & A event was on Thursday night and went very well. Lots of really good questions well answered by the panel which had two students and a local vicar on it.


Mid term and things are going well. All of the CUs I'm working with are in good shape and I'm starting to see my role in each place. On Monday we're relaunching Still got some finishing touches to do on what has been a huge job.